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Email Marketing ServersEmail marketing people who always has problems with the server. So we’ve designed dedicated server for them. server canvas completely designed the server only for email marketing. All of our IP address will be fresh and non blacklisted when server delivered. if you will see the IPs blacklisted on delivery we will replace them. our email server very coherent for email campaign.

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Email Marketing Servers Plan

ServerCPUMemoryDisk DriveBandwidthIPsPrice
ES-oneCPU 4×2.53GHz8GB RAM2x1TB HDDUnmetered4$110.00/moORDER
ES-twoCPU 4×2.53GHz16GB RAM2x1TB HDDUnmetered4$129.00/moORDER
ES-threeCPU 8×3.40GHz16GB RAM2x1TB HDDUnmetered4$159.00/moORDER
ES-fourCPU 16×2.26GHz16GB RAM2x1TB HDDUnmetered4$169.00/moORDER

Dedicated Email Server Features

Email Transfer

The Dedicated server designed for email campaign or marketing. hence we do not apply any restriction how many email you transfer per day or month from here.

IP Address

We provide 4 IP address for each server. whereas the dedicated servers is designed for email marketing as a result we've to provide all non-blacklisted IPs.

99.9% Uptime

All of our Email Marketing servers has 99.9% SLA uptime guarantee. if you've any issue with server uptime contact our support department.