Community Websites
made easy!

Navigating web server configurations, host file setups, managing databases, and dealing with file permissions can often be challenging. Moreover, the quest for the perfect design and template that aligns with your requirements adds another layer of complexity.

Introducing ServerCanvas, your all-in-one solution boasting a plethora of features and unmatched customizability, consolidated within a single user-friendly dashboard. Now, you can channel your energy into delivering an unparalleled gaming experience to your players, while we handle the intricacies of maintaining a top-notch community website.

Check Features

Easy to Use

ServerCanvas comes with an intuitive and easy to use dashboard.

Lightning Fast

Experience lightning-fast response time with our cutting-edge servers.

Multiple Templates

Choose from an array of design templates to match your community.


Allow players to link their Discord, Steam and Twitch accounts.


Access and edit userdata and features via ServerCanvas' API.

Role Management

Solid role and permission managements fo users and admins.

No Fuzz - Just Subscribe

No complicated plans, just subscribe and enable the features you need!

  • Serve 1 Website
  • Built-In Social Linking
  • Fee-Free Donation Store
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • 150MB Media Storage
  • SSL Included
  • Included plugins such as live-chat, forums, wiki, forms and many more...

Time-Saving & Feature-Packed

Instead of going trough each and every server stopping it, deleting files, adjusting seeds and map sizes, restarting the server and finally informing your players that you're finally done wiping ONE of possibly multiple servers. How long does it take you to do? 2 to 5 minutes per server? How about half a minute for all your servers? Rust-Wipes can do all that and more! Generate new maps via, automatically announce wipes in Discord, start map votes, send pre-wipe commands...

Highly Customizable

Rust-Wipes utilizes Pterodactyl®'s API to issue power actions, adjust startup variables and delete files. You setup wipes and seeds ahead of time and once the time is up Rust-Wipes does it's magic. Optionally Rust-Wipes will send a Discord notification for your users once the server is wiped and started. Opening a new map vote, deleting custom files and sending pre-wipe commands are just a small selection of features you'll get access to.

Head over to the FAQ for a selection of server providers that are 100% supported or just contact us.